April 23, 2013
Donate to help Regan return to university!

Regan is a transgender, mentally ill, epileptic, autistic person returning to university this summer. They are currently hospitalized for severe depression and PTSD related to their twin brother’s death last year, and as soon as they get out, they’ll be going to a new university after transferring because of their former university’s ableist policies.

Because of their disabilities and their heavy course load (they’re doing THREE majors - good god!), they cannot work, and their only source of income is donations and possibly help from their abusive father from whom they are estranged. Regan needs money for food (as they cannot eat most of the foods on their meal plan due to sensory issues), toiletries, sensory aids, a cell phone plan, and possibly a new computer as well. 

The money currently goes to my PayPal account, but all the money donated will be sent directly to Regan as soon as they set one up (which will be when they return from the hospital).

To sweeten the deal, I’m offering some incentives:

Donate $5 and I will do a three-card tarot reading to answer a question for you.

Donate $10 and I will do a tarot reading as above, as well as write you a poem on your choice of topic.

Donate $15 and I will do a tarot reading as well as a 500-word drabble on any topic you choose.

Donate $20 and I will do a Celtic Cross tarot reading with my super-fancy deck (The Shakespeare Oracle) as well as write you a poem.

Donate above $20 and you get to choose what you’d like - and you can pick just about anything to be honest!

Please consider donating! Regan really needs help, as going to university is difficult for anyone - but going back to a brand-new university with three majors, struggling with PTSD and grief over the loss of your twin brother, and dealing with sensory issues and epilepsy - that’s damn near completely overwhelming.

Even if you can’t help, please signal boost!

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