April 23, 2013
Gentle reminder that if you can, please consider donating to help Regan return to university.

Regan is transgender, mentally ill, epileptic, and autistic. They are currently hospitalized for PTSD and depression related to their twin brother’s death last year, and as soon as they’re released, will be starting school at a new university. They currently have no source of income, and because of their heavy course load and disabilities, cannot work.

Money donated will be going to help them buy and maintain a phone contract, pay for food (as because of sensory issues they cannot eat most of the food offered on their meal plan), toiletries, stim toys and sensory aids, and the other assorted living costs of being away at university. We’re also not yet sure if they will be needing a new laptop, so money may also go to that. 

Please donate! As extra incentive, when you donate I will be happy to do a three-card tarot reading on a question of your choice, write you a 500-word drabble with characters of your choice, or write you a small poem on the topic of your choice!

If you can’t donate, please signal boost this! Helping Regan return to university is extremely important, both for their mental health and for their future, and any help they can get would be so appreciated!

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